A Dwarf Stronghold many leagues North-East of Thunderspire Mountain, and home to Rutludd Gunnersson.

Five Generations ago the stronghold was almost over-run by a kobold offensive. The dwarfs were forced to retreat further into the stronghold year after year. Eventually, the kobolds blocked any access to other strongholds and any main trading areas, and Barak-Varn was isolated from the world. As the years went by the dwarfs became weaker, as they succumbed to the occasional kobold raid, a reduction in birth rate, and the death of the the older generation.

Into this, Rutludd Therickson, was born. The only child of his generation, he was brought up with no fellow children to play with. At an early age, he spent his time investigating the areas of the Stronghold still not occupied by the kobolds, and some areas which were. During one such exploration, he was confronted by a kobold raiding party. He drew his warhammer, and prepared to die bravely. As he struck the first kobold lightning came from his hammer and struck the other kobolds. They disintegrated and he was left alone unsure what had happened.

Upon returning to his father, he was taken to the eldars. They consulted their tomes, and determined that Rutludd was sent by the gods, to banish the Kobolds. The first dwarven magic user in Barak-Varn in recorded time. Rutludd had no-one to teach him but many were willing to fight with him, whilst he learnt more of the powers of his magic. Slowly he began to make an impact on the kobolds. As they died, and the dwarfs advanced, Rutludd searched the libraries for information on magic and what could happen.

After many years of study, and fighting he came across a great tome, which described magic that could rid the stronghold of the kobolds forever. Rutludd took the book, ordered his 10 greatest warriors to join him, and fought to the deepest depths of Barak-Varn. They fought bravely, but fell one-by-one to the kobold menace, until Rutludd stood alone before the throne room of the ancient kings. Lost over 1,000 years before to the kobolds. He pushed open the door, closed them behind him, opened the tome and began to chant.

Within a day the kobold menace was gone, and none have ever returned to Barak-Varn. However, Rutludd Therickson (since renamed ‘The Great’) was never seen again.

The eldars believe he will return when the need of the hold is once more at its greatest.


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