Legacy of Empire

Daily Log 16, Day 16

I have received a message from a Sprite that they are trapped in a single room with no means of escape. I must save them – off to war again…

We are trapped in a room together. A better position no doubt, but we must find a way to escape. 2 days have passed, and nothing has happened, all our attempts to escape have failed.

Suddenly we are ‘joined’ by a Gnoll magically appearing. After discussion, we disappear and reappear….- We are surrounded by more Gnolls and may be in trouble now.

We start running through the hall of mirrored pillars, but the Gnolls follow and magic sparks from the pillars as we try to escape. 2 Gnolls disappear, but so does Gardain. We must defeat the enemy ourselves and hope that Gardain can survive in our previous prison.

The Gnolls go through fire, light, and freezing clouds, until the leader is attacked from behind by Ulf and in front by Dawn. With blood droping from his many wounds and pooling on the floor, I cast a fireball centred on him. He burns instantly and falls to the ground whilst Dawn protects herself from the heat.

Navah goes to the altar to return Gardain from his prison. He returns with one Gnoll, and the dead body of another. The gnolls who are left, leave in peace. and we are left in the pillared, mirrored hall…



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