Legacy of Empire

Daily Log 13, Day 12

Update of situation

We had received a letter from a member of the Duergar group promising support and we set off to find the possible traitor, and move him to our cause. Probably a trap, and we will be wary…

… Having dealt with the trap!
A Bronze warder statue stands in front of us as we look up in awe.

3 scrolls we found –
“Despatch the adventurers – Paldamar”
“Wax Seal / Ornate ‘P’ – Blackfangs message for our deaths
Map of the Labryinth with directions to the Blackfangs (Gnolls) location

On return to the Seven-Pillared Hall it is clear that Aurora did successfully bring the slaves through here, as we are no longer wanted and even Brug almost tolerates us.



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