Seven-Pillared Hall

This mighty chamber appears to once have served as a market square and meeting place to the ancient undermountain city. In a somewhat diminished form, it still is.


Deepgem Company
Bersk the Wainwright
Temple of Hidden Light
House Azaer trading post
The Halfmoon Inn
Gendar’s Curios and Relics
Dreskin the Provisioner
Rothar’s Taproom
Grimmerzhul Trading Post
The mages’ tower

The Road of Lanterns – Leads from the Minotaur Gate entrance
The Deep Stair – Decends ~100’, then meets a well marked tunnel to the Underdark
The Road of Shadows – 10’-wide 12’ tall corridor, eventually leads to the Horned Hold (way is not marked).
The Dragon Door – Stone door carved in the shape of a dragon holding an orb. Leads into the labyrinth, including route to Chamber of Eyes, apparently.
The Shining Road – Leads to the labyrinth.

Other Notable Features:
Minotaur Statue – On a stone platform, a 10’-wide, 30’-tall bronze statue of a minotaur, arms outstretched in a ritual pose.
Residences – Brick buildings housing merchants. Nice
Pigeonholes – Side-chambers and alcoves, occupied by less wealthy residents. Many line the walls, including higher up, and also nearby passages
Waterfall – Fed by rainwater and glacier melt. Provides fresh water to the inhabitants
Bridges – Sturdy, 10’-wide, with railings.
Chute – Water flows out through a large hole.

Seven-Pillared Hall

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