Communal Equipment

List of communal items for the party:

1,330 gold pieces
306 silver pieces
8 gems (c 100 gp each)
Topaz (c 150 gp)
Onyx Demon Statue (c250 gp each)
Onyx (800gp)
Quartz (looking evil) (xxx gp)
1 x Potion of Healing [With David]
‘+2 Delver’s Chainmail – Level 8 item (currently with Ulfr Vadason)
‘+1 Healer’s Armour – Level 5 item (used to belong to Ulfr)
1 Lifedrinker Scimitar – Level 5 item (currently with Dawn)
Pouch of herbs (cause hallucinations and death)
Belt of Sacrifice (currently with Ulfr Vadason)
2 Magic Orb Grimmerzhul’s
Letter offering to sell slaves Chamber of Eyes
Sketch Map of Labyrinth with location of Horned Hold from Grimmerzhul’s)
Letter from Murkelmor Grimmerzhul Grimmerzhul’s) – a provisions request for feed merchandise
Small Iron Chest (left in Horned Hold, unopened)
Flaming Maul (2)
Amulet of Health (
2) (currently with Ulfr Vadason)
Amulet of Health (+1) (previously owned by Ulfr Vadason)
Dwarven Greaves (lv7) (Daily: If hit by pull/push negate movement)
Broach of No-Regrets (lv3) Ally add 2 to a saving throw (daily)

Impounded by Brugg:
300 gold pieces
8 gems (c 25 gp each)

Tea forms an important part of the nightly rest & recovery experience

3,900; Chamber of Eyes (780 each)
below; Grimmerzhul Trading Post (xxx each)
below; Seven-Pillared Hall (xxx each)
below; Random Encounter (Hyenas) – Not Aurora (xxx each)
below; Horned Hold tower 1 – Not Aurora (xxx each)
below; Horned Hold tower 2 – Not Aurora (xxx each)
5,650; Horned Hold tower 2 (take 2) [ran-away] – Not Aurora (1,413 each) - Level 5!!
1,950; Horned Hold tower 2 & tower 3 [ran-away] (390 each)
4,550; Beyond Horned Hold (total on 6,800 each!!)
150; Completion of minor quest
1100; Surviving ambush (7,050 each)
3550; Exploring the Gnoll cave (7,760 each - level 6)
9160; Chasing Dragons, avoiding balls, and killing Slavers (9,592 each)
4,354; First levels of the Tower (10,463 - Level 7 if we rest!)

Goblin Key from Chamber of Eyes
Hobgoblin Key from Chamber of Eyes
Key from Horned Hold
Silver Key from Slavers for Seven Pillared Hall

Communal Equipment

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