Tag: Location


  • Nentir Vale

    A cold, windy vale, this was one of the most northerly parts of the now-collapsed empire of [[Nerath]]. Notable locations: * [[Fallcrest]] * [[Harkenwold]] * [[Hammerfast]] * [[Thunderspire Mountain]] * [[Winterhaven]]

  • Thunderspire Mountain

    The mountain lies amid a wilderness of pine trees and rocky hills. Its summit is usually shrouded in grey clouds, but on rare clear days it can be seen from a great distance. It lies just off the [[Trade Road]], two days east of [[Fallcrest]] and three …

  • Seven-Pillared Hall

    This mighty chamber appears to once have served as a market square and meeting place to the ancient undermountain city. In a somewhat diminished form, it still is. Locations: [[Customhouse]] [[Deepgem Company]] [[Bersk the Wainwright]] [[Temple …