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Adventurers Needed

Adventurers Needed

Journey to Thunderspire Mountain
Investigate possible threats to this area
Deal with threats to this areas

Rewards to include
1,500 gold split between party
Gain reputation and honour in Fallcrest
A share of any loot found

1 Ranged Weapon User
1 Healer

Carry on Camping (and Dying)

Daily Log, Day One
Dawn killed an NPC who had killed another NPC and tried to kill Aurora.
3 NPCs remain in our already bloodied party. Perhaps we did not select the most appropriate people to join us.

However, the NPC who scalded himself on tea is told he is going home with 6 gold pieces due to incompetence
The ‘cowardly’ NPC, is told he is going home as well, but rejects the 6 gold pieces (He does not take this well, and demands to know what Ned authorisation is
The final NPC would like to return home as well to look after his cowardly compatriot, with 6 gold pieces.

No NPCs remain in the party. It is just 5 of us, and 2 familiars.

The calm after the storm

Daily Log, Day 2

Nothing of note happened despite us camping near the base of Thunderspire Mountain

We will reach it tomorrow.

Daily Log, Day 3
Death has arrived to Seven-Pillared Hall

Today brought our first real taste of the horrors of death, and I, your scribe and Wizard Rutludd Gunnersson, lost his mind temporarily and got caught by bloodlust. We rescued Rendil Halfmoon, a friendly halfling with an Inn in the Seven-Pillared Hall. During his rescue a number of hobgoblins fell to our combined powers, and the party is starting to understand our strengths and weaknesses.

Dawn killed the Hobgoblin Warmage once the bodyguards had been killed. A mental note made not to annoy her too much during our travels.

Upon arrival at the Seven-Pillared Hall, Aurora went in search of a business associate of hers. We remain at the Inn, but find out that the associate is a Drow called Gendar

I have left a message for the Mages of Saruun to contact me at their earliest opportunity, and the rest of our party went shopping, and developed a better understanding of the items available in the locals shops.

Daily Log, Day 4

Daily Log, Day 4

Today we try to find the Bloodreavers, and stop their reign of terror. Walking through the Dragon Door, we walk within the Labyrinth. Fortunately, dwarf miners have been here in the past, and have left symbols on the wall, which I can read. Within a few hours we reach the courtyard before what we assume to be the Chamber of Eyes.

Dawn and Aurora get us up on a balcony, (using Dawn’s very cool Archers Stairway, and Aurora’s rope) and we enter via a side entrance. Within the walls is a barracks, but the goblins and Bugbear quickly succumb to our combined efforts. Ulfr ensured that no-one was badly injured.

Once clear, we find another room, with a small pool at the bottom of steps, and another statue. Clearly a previous occupant knew a good stonemason. The rangers meanwhile scout ahead.

Duergar and Hobgoblins assault us in a small room, but are swiftly dealt with, and after a short rest and tea, we advance further into the Chamber of Eyes.

Finding a secret door, we prepare to assault another room, engage, kill 3 hobgoblins and face a direwolf. It occurs to me, that there is nothing in tradition to suggest the dire wolf is immune to cold, so a freezing cloud encloses him.

Leaving the main area, we continue exploring discovering the eating area for the slavers. A quick assault kills most enemies, but a single goblin escapes.

None-the-less, we have searched, and cleared the Chamber of Eyes. Success for the first mission, although the slaves were not to be found.

Daily Log 5, Day 5

The fith day ‘dawns’ on our band of ne’er do wells. Of course in this cavern there is only a false dawn set by the false light of the cavern’s ceiling. It is a wonderful place, out of the glare of the sun, safely entombed within the Thunderspire mountain

We agree to follow the clues to the slavers in Grimmerzhul Trading Post within the Seven-Pillared Hall. Ulfr agrees to meet with them tomorrow to look at some of the ‘merchandise’.

Dawn and Aurora stay behind to wait for the slavers to leave and collect the slaves; We wait in the inn for them to tell us when they have left.

It would appear Dawn & Aurora attacked the Trading Post themselves, and Dawn returned for our help. With no time to lose, we went to rescue the injured Aurora. Having found her, a mob approaches to question us, and Ulfr approaches the sheriff.

We give ourselves up to his just but the Duergar guard ‘agreed’ to assist us in getting out. This will require a significant amount of paperwork.

Brugg takes us to the custom house to complete the required interviews. Ulfr discusses the situation with Brugg, who impounds gold and some of our gems…! We run into the Halfmoon Inn, are told of a rear entrance to the Labyrinth, and run through it. Aurora is still behind as she bade us go ahead whilst she barred the doors on the Inn against our pursuers.

Aurora does not find us, but the rest of us rest and plan to head off to the Horned Hold the next day.

Daily Log 6, Day 6

We wake in the Labyrinth, with no disturbances through the night. There’s no sign of Aurora, but we must assume she is safe, as any other option is too horrible to imagine. Those of us left head to the Horned Hold.

We are attacked by Hyenas on the way, but we swiftly despatch them, catch our breath and head onwards to the Hold.

The first tower of the Hold is held by Orcs and more Duergar. Ulfr tricks our way inside the hold, and we despatch the occupiers with determination and true force. The fire defenses of the Druegar are proving frustrating to me, as I am unable to sufficiently injure them beyond the initial attempts.

We then advanced to the second hold, and kill another Duergar wizard and his minions. Starting to tire, we rest in the first tower but Dawn hear’s movement during her watch and we retreat deeper into the Labyrinth and rest.

Daily Log 7, Day 7

Following our retreat to, and rest in the Labyrinth we advance once more into the Hold. Having destroyed the portculis yesterday we are confident we can enter, and bar an errant crossbow bolt being fired at me we enter and check the first tower. We then approach the second tower (Dawn leading the way, until the door is discovered to be locked. After a charge from Ned the door is breached and we are faced with 3 Duergar.

These are soon joined by some Duergar scouts, but one of the deep dwarfs has something wrong about him. We attack him as much as we are able, until an arrow from Dawn’s bow causes him to grow, mutate and swing a huge hammer at Ned, which fortunately missed. It was clear we were in trouble.

At this moment, Orcs started appearing from side corridors and the Duergar were still standing. I took out one with a missile, and then the large Duergar was felled by another arrow from Dawn. However, we were trapped, and whilst Ned was teleported, I escaped but Ulfr was trapped and Dawn was caught by a sidewise blow from an Orc, and fell to the ground, wounded! Ned charged again to free Ulfr and Dawn. Despite taking many blows from the Orcs (and now an Ogre), they both raced passed Ned to safety.

We made a tactical withdraw together – battered, bruised and injured – but all alive, and slept deeper in the Labyrinth… what would tomorrow bring?

The only thing that was certain, was that we had learnt many valuable lessons, which would assist us when we returned to the Hold once more.

Daily Log 6 & 7, Day 6 & 7
Aurora's Adventures

It is the 8th day of our adventure, and Aurora has returned to us. She has clearly been walking the caves for the last 2 days, unable to get much sleep and hunting the local wildlife.

The important thing is that she is returned to us, and we can proceed again.


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