Legacy of Empire

Daily Log 14, Day 15

We have arrived at a great hall, with 5 pillars, and a well. The pillars have Minotaur faces carved into them and when we enter a voice booms in our heads.

A ghoul attacks Dawn as she enters the room and as we all approach the room a Phalagar’s tentacles reach from the floor and attack. As we are attacking the beasts a pair of Cavern Chokers descend from the ceiling and we are under attack from above, below and alongside!

We kill most of them but one of the chokers escapes into a far wall and we are left pondering whether my fire killed him before he disappeared.

We go through the doors in the east wall in search of the choker who tried to escape. We are promptly attacked by Gnolls with a Hyena pack, but make short work of them…!

Further exploration and we find a boar being held in a cage with Hyenas hungryily looking at it through the cage. As Dawn approaches the hyenas attack, and Dawn fires back at me in error. Whilst we attack the Hyenas some Gnolls attack with longbows from behind a straw barricade. I rush them and blast them with fire and frost. This is not sufficient, but my friends rescue me before the situation turns truely bad.

With Dawn and me bleading, it is clear we need to rest, so we go back to mess, barricade the doors and fall asleep for another night.

Daily Log 13, Day 12
Update of situation

We had received a letter from a member of the Duergar group promising support and we set off to find the possible traitor, and move him to our cause. Probably a trap, and we will be wary…

… Having dealt with the trap!
A Bronze warder statue stands in front of us as we look up in awe.

3 scrolls we found –
“Despatch the adventurers – Paldamar”
“Wax Seal / Ornate ‘P’ – Blackfangs message for our deaths
Map of the Labryinth with directions to the Blackfangs (Gnolls) location

On return to the Seven-Pillared Hall it is clear that Aurora did successfully bring the slaves through here, as we are no longer wanted and even Brug almost tolerates us.

Daily Log 12, Day 12

We continue beyond the Horned Hall, and Dawn spots some Duergar approaching. We hide near the walls, and attack them as they pass. Quickly despatching 4 of them, the last attempts to run, but is knocked out as he escapes.

After some careful discussion with me, he confirms that there is a large force of Duergar, and Orcs approaching. He agrees to delay them, and we retreated to the Horned Hold, and then onwards to the Seven-Pillared Hall. We arrive the next day and meet Randall at the Halfmoon Inn.

Daily Log 11, Day 11

We are under attack… 3 wraith like creatures, and an ooze…!

Having fought them, during which Gardain was taken by the Ooze, but freed afterward, we then proceed. A mine ahead of us is lit by a powerful fire. As we approach bats fly from the fire and attack us…

… We defeat them, but not without cost. Havah and I are badly injured and so we retreat and rest.

Daily Log 10, Day 11
A new adventure begins...

Gardain, Navah, Ulfr, Dawn and your good scribe, Rutludd are together again, and preparing for the next day!

Aurora has taken the freed slaves home, but we five remain… what will become of us.

There are however missing slaves - 2 slaves were taken away by Gnolls and may have been sold. We are back in the Hold, looking for clues.

We have checked Horned Hold, and there is no-one (or nothing else) present. We have agreed to proceed further into the mountain, to what end we do not yet know.

Daily Log 9, Day 10 ... bad news

Disaster, the world will never be same again. We have found Ned. He has not been treated kindly, and the body is dumped in a bath. We will mourn him once we return to the Halfmoon Inn. Raise a drink to him one-and-all. He will be remembered as a brave and caring fellow.

We have rescued the slaves though:

Gru – Goblin Captive
3 Prospectors
4 from the town

Daily Log 9, Day 10

We have re-entered the Horned Hold again, and found a few doors barricaded. Going to the battlements we cannot get through the rear access door again, and we have to go through the other door. As expected it leads to the same location, and as we enter Duergar attack us.

Four Duergar, 1 Large Duergar (we assume a Captain of some king), 1 Duergar wizard. This will need us to press to succeed. I spray acid at them as Gardain, Gnora, Sedrick and Ulfr charge. Navah stays at the back. The Diva appears to have some control over magic as well.

Sedrick is surronded by the enemies and surely about to fall, when he lashes out at those around him. One of the Duergar staggers, and then grows in size, and when the blade stops move Gnara is on the ground… A quick appeal to Ulfr and Gnara is breathing again, but still on the floor.

One Duergar grows in size, but is cut down quickly by Gardian. Meanwhile I cause a Freezing Cloud to appear killing another Duergar, but causing another to grow. Gnara, since hit before and now on the ground suddenly leaps up and hits the very large Duergar. The large Duergar roars in pain, as the freezing cloud continues to engulf him, and pain creases his eyes and teeth. He falls over within the cloud – dead.

Gnora and Sedrick chase down the Dwarf Thegar and kill him. Meanwhile the Duergar captain attacks Gardian with me at his side, ensuring the Duergar is freezing slowly to death!

The captain is then bitten by Sedrick(!!!) and falls to the ground with Gnora’s sword in his back. Sedrick is confusing!

New arrivals
Bringing back the Power ...

… Ulfr and I retreat further into the Labyrinth. Having slept we are then approached by 2 pairs of travelers. Gardain (Dwarf) and Navah (Diva) approach us. From the other direction Gnora (Gnoll) and Sedrick (Human – although suspiciously pale). Ulfr seems to know them, and calms me…

… Where do we go from here?

Daily Log 8, Day 8

We are rested, Aurora is back with us – no doubt with many stories to tell – and we are ready to proceed.

We again enter the first octagonal tower and search for any enemies or surprises.

Ned burst through the door, and was attacked by four orcs and an ogre. Fortunately the rest of us were able to get through eventually, and the enemies were defeated …

We explored a tower to the south, and Dawn advanced to check the room. With a deep rumbling wights woke from their slumber and, as Dawn retreated, they ambushed her and knocked her to the ground. Fortunately, we defeated the enemy with Ulfr leading the fight with stirring words.

We find a staircase behind the tower and I get the door unlocked. Ned opens it, and we are faced with 2 small humanoid creatures and 3 more Duergar. We engage them immediately, before they are able to co-ordinate a defense against us. Unfortunately, one escapes, warns others of our attack and Dawn and Rutgludd (your kindly scribe) follow him.

More Dwarfs attack and we are trapped, and agree to flee… Only Ulfr and I make it! Have the others survived?

Daily Log 6 & 7, Day 6 & 7
Aurora's Adventures

It is the 8th day of our adventure, and Aurora has returned to us. She has clearly been walking the caves for the last 2 days, unable to get much sleep and hunting the local wildlife.

The important thing is that she is returned to us, and we can proceed again.


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