Legacy of Empire

Daily Log 9, Day 10

We have re-entered the Horned Hold again, and found a few doors barricaded. Going to the battlements we cannot get through the rear access door again, and we have to go through the other door. As expected it leads to the same location, and as we enter Duergar attack us.

Four Duergar, 1 Large Duergar (we assume a Captain of some king), 1 Duergar wizard. This will need us to press to succeed. I spray acid at them as Gardain, Gnora, Sedrick and Ulfr charge. Navah stays at the back. The Diva appears to have some control over magic as well.

Sedrick is surronded by the enemies and surely about to fall, when he lashes out at those around him. One of the Duergar staggers, and then grows in size, and when the blade stops move Gnara is on the ground… A quick appeal to Ulfr and Gnara is breathing again, but still on the floor.

One Duergar grows in size, but is cut down quickly by Gardian. Meanwhile I cause a Freezing Cloud to appear killing another Duergar, but causing another to grow. Gnara, since hit before and now on the ground suddenly leaps up and hits the very large Duergar. The large Duergar roars in pain, as the freezing cloud continues to engulf him, and pain creases his eyes and teeth. He falls over within the cloud – dead.

Gnora and Sedrick chase down the Dwarf Thegar and kill him. Meanwhile the Duergar captain attacks Gardian with me at his side, ensuring the Duergar is freezing slowly to death!

The captain is then bitten by Sedrick(!!!) and falls to the ground with Gnora’s sword in his back. Sedrick is confusing!



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