Legacy of Empire

Daily Log 14, Day 15

We have arrived at a great hall, with 5 pillars, and a well. The pillars have Minotaur faces carved into them and when we enter a voice booms in our heads.

A ghoul attacks Dawn as she enters the room and as we all approach the room a Phalagar’s tentacles reach from the floor and attack. As we are attacking the beasts a pair of Cavern Chokers descend from the ceiling and we are under attack from above, below and alongside!

We kill most of them but one of the chokers escapes into a far wall and we are left pondering whether my fire killed him before he disappeared.

We go through the doors in the east wall in search of the choker who tried to escape. We are promptly attacked by Gnolls with a Hyena pack, but make short work of them…!

Further exploration and we find a boar being held in a cage with Hyenas hungryily looking at it through the cage. As Dawn approaches the hyenas attack, and Dawn fires back at me in error. Whilst we attack the Hyenas some Gnolls attack with longbows from behind a straw barricade. I rush them and blast them with fire and frost. This is not sufficient, but my friends rescue me before the situation turns truely bad.

With Dawn and me bleading, it is clear we need to rest, so we go back to mess, barricade the doors and fall asleep for another night.



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